UN Nummber

UN Nummber




The symbols are classified as follows:
1. UN Symbol
Symbol for classification of UN – licensed  UN means United Nations
2. 3H1: Packaging code
Point 1: Kind of packaging: here can
Point 2+3: Material; here synthetic material
A = Steel
B = Aluminium
C = Wood
G = Cardboard
H = Synthetic material
Point 4: Packaging type; 1 = bung, 2 = lid
3. Y1.9: Permissible contents
Point 1 :
X= Packaging group       I ( for contents of material group a), b) +c) of list of substances
Y= Packaing group       II (for contents of material group b) + c) of list of substances
Z = Packaging group     III ( for contents of material group c) of list of substances

The material group is divided as follows:
a) = very dangerous goods
b) = dangerous goods
c) = less dangerous goods
 Point 2: Allowed  density of contents. See also enclosure a.5, Rn. 3552,4

4. 200/Reference for internal hydraulic pressure in Kilopascals, 200Ipa = 2barSolids are marked with S, instead of internal pressure


5. 99/ production year


6. D: short marking of country, where the approval was granted

7. Short marking of competent licensing authority.

8. Licensing number of competent authority.
9. XY short marking of manufacturer